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War refugees from Ukraine who are in possession of a valid temporary protection certificate do not need a work permit and have free access to the Luxembourg labour market. They can be hired directly with legal employment contracts.

You can also register as a jobseeker with the ADEM (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi). The notification can be made by email(info@adem.etat.lu) or by phone (+352 247 88888). The form is provided in French. However, communication can also take place in Luxembourgish, German, English, or via interpreter.

On the ADEM website, you can also find an information sheet entitled “Working in Luxembourg” in English, French and Ukrainian, which contains the most important information on employment contracts, minimum wage, working hours, vacation, etc.: https://adem.public.lu/fr/actualites/adem/2022/03/ukraine-info.html

Ukrainian refugees can also find jobs in Luxembourg on the following portals of NGOs and companies:

General job portals for Luxembourg:

Refugees receive unemployment benefits only if, among other things:

  • are registered with the ADEM as jobseekers and
  • Have worked under one or more employment contracts for at least 26 weeks (at least 16 hours per week) in the 12 months prior to your job search notification.

Refugees who wish to be self-employed must first apply for a settlement permit. This can only be filed after temporary protection has been granted. It takes over a month for the permit to be issued. If refugees are unable to obtain a criminal record extract to prove professional honorability, they may alternatively submit an affidavit to a notary public. In the case of self-employment, it must also be taken into account that some professions are regulated and corresponding qualifications must be proven. A great help for the self-employed is the House of Entrepreneurship, which offers free advice to entrepreneurs:


There is no social security agreement between Luxembourg and Ukraine. Pension payments are therefore not transferable. Refugees will only receive a pension if they have

  • paid pension insurance contributions for at least 120 months in Luxembourg or another EU country and
  • have reached the age of 65.

From the age of 57, there is an entitlement to an early retirement pension if 480 months of compulsory insurance can be proven.

From the age of 60, there is also the option of early retirement by means of subsequent purchase.

However, it may be possible to transfer pension entitlements from non-EU countries (e.g. USA).

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