SIM cards on a cell phone


Post Luxembourg offers special conditions for Ukrainian refugees. A contract can be concluded directly at the time of registration in the Guichet Unique.

With Tango, unfortunately, there are no perks other than free calls to and from Ukraine. Apparently, in the past there was the possibility via the Red Cross free prepaid SIM cards incl.. To receive 30 EUR credit from Tango. However, this is currently not possible in the store. According to the website, it may be possible to get free prepaid cards through LUkraine A.s.b.l..

Unfortunately, however, there is currently no information about the offers on the companies’ websites. The following information was given verbally or is based on personal experience and is therefore without guarantee:

Post Luxembourg

  • Offer: Subscription Scoubidoo mini until June 30, 2022 without basic fee. Calls in Luxembourg included, 5 GB mobile internet in Luxembourg. In addition, calls and SMS to Ukraine are free of charge
  • Term: 12 months
  • Requirements: Presentation of passport or identity card
  • Application: in person at the store
  • Language of the form: French. However, communication can also be in German, Luxembourgish, English
  • Payment: On account, by bank transfer or cash in the store

There are three points to consider with this subscription:

  • Calls to other EU countries are subject to charges
  • 5 GB mobile Internet only included in Luxembourg
  • you commit for at least 12 months – however, the offer may be extended and returnees may not have to pay the full annual amount

Basic+ subscription:

  • Conditions: EUR 6.99 per month. 200 calls/SMS in the EU and 2 GB mobile internet in the EU are included. Calls and SMS to Ukraine are free of charge
  • Term: monthly notice period
  • Disadvantage: only 2 GB Internet, not expandable – after consumption slow Internet

TipTop prepaid cards

  • Conditions: you can buy telephony and internet credits worth 5 – 100 EUR. When the credit is used up, you can buy more credit. The Internet Option for 2 GB within the EU costs EUR 10 and is valid for 30 days; 8 GB costs EUR 15. Telephony is billed individually according to the tariff list.
  • Duration: The starting credit is valid for 90 days, top-ups only for 30 days.

Further information:


  • Offer until May 31, 2022: free calls to and from Ukraine, otherwise regular rates apply
  • Prerequisite: registration with the municipality. This is usually possible only after receiving temporary protected status.
  • Application: in person at the store
  • Language of the form: French

Cell phones

Through the NGO Digital Inclusion, everyone in Luxembourg can get a free cell phone. However, the NGO does not hand over the smartphones directly. Refugees must contact Caritas Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Red Cross or the ONA.