A Ukrainian refugee stands at a bus stop


Information Center

A center was opened where Ukrainian refugees can receive information:

276 rue de Rollingergrund,
L-2441 Luxembourg
Opening hours: approx. 11-17h

Consular assistance

Through the Embassy in Prague, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers assistance in leaving Ukraine. E-mail: prague.amb@mae.etat.lu

If family members are in the neighbouring countries of Ukraine and wish to travel to Luxembourg, consular assistance can be requested at the following e-mail address: assistance.consulaire@mae.etat.lu.

The e-mails must contain data on the respective persons, whereabouts, and copies of identification documents.

Further information:


Ukrainian consulate in Luxembourg

Claude Radoux, Consul honoraire
1, Place d’Armes
5e étage
L-1136 Luxembourg
Tél.: 25 22 99
Fax: 25 31 45
Email: claude@radoux.lu
Website: https://www.ukraine.lu/

Transport to Luxembourg

Luxembourg Air Rescue helps sick refugees get to Luxembourg:


Luxair airline waives ticket costs for flights from EU countries bordering Ukraine for Ukrainian refugees who already have an agreement with a host family or SHUK (Structure d’Hébergement d’Urgence Kirchberg), provided there are still seats available on the flight. Pets can also be transported. For this it is necessary to send an e-mail to the non-profit association LUkraine, which will then coordinate with the Luxair team.

E-mail address: terybs19@gmail.com

The email should include the following information from the refugees:

  • full name as it appears in the passport
  • Current place of residence and origin
  • Address where the refugees will live in Luxembourg. In case of accommodation with a host family, provide their full name, address and either email or phone number.
  • Flight date
  • Mobile number

Legal assistance

Through the website UA.SUPPORT you can find lawyers who help Ukrainian refugees for free.


Through the NGO foodsharing, anyone can get food for free. The locations and times of distribution can be found on the website:

Means of transport

Throughout Luxembourg, the use of public transport (bus, train, tram) in 2nd class is free for everyone.

Further information: https://www.mobiliteit.lu/de/fahrscheine/kostenloser-transport/



Technology and computing

Digital Inclusion is an NGO that seeks to ensure that everyone in Luxembourg has access to information technology and computing. Those in need can receive free second-hand computers and cell phones. Courses and repair of equipment are also offered.

Insurances for private hosts

Refugees staying privately with policyholders of the LaLux and Foyer companies are automatically covered by the hosts’ household contents and liability insurance at no extra charge. Some insurance companies offer car insurance for Ukrainian refugees.

Further information:

Driving license

Ukrainian driver’s licenses must be transcribed into a Luxembourg driver’s license within one year after its holder takes up normal residence in Luxembourg in order not to lose their validity. The administrative fee for this is 30 EUR. If Ukrainian refugees do not have driver’s licenses rewritten within this time, they will have to take a paid control test (theory and practice) again.

Further information:

Import vehicle

Vehicles registered in Ukraine must be registered no later than 6 months after arrival in Luxembourg:



There are two options available to sign up as a volunteer: