A Ukrainian refugee receives a plaster


Ukrainian war refugees can get free medical care in Luxembourg, even if they do not yet have the temporary protection certificate. General medical care is provided by the Maison Medicale in Luxembourg City. Address:

23, Val Fleuri,
L-1526 Luxembourg

You can go there between 8:30am – 12pm and 1pm – 4:30pm without an appointment. Interpreters are available on site. The respective physician can write a prescription for medication or a referral for treatment at a specialist’s office, if needed.

In the event of a medical emergency, you can go to an accident and emergency department. The treatment is also free of charge.

According to LUkraine A.s.b.l., there are also two additional points of contact for free treatment of Ukrainian refugees who have not yet received temporary protection:

LUkraine website

Once temporary protection is granted, beneficiaries (BPT) are insured by the Caisse nationale de santé(CNS) without a waiting period. They can then go directly to a general practitioner who will refer them to a specialist if needed. Russian and Ukrainian speaking doctors and physiotherapists can be found on doctena.lu.

BPT receive funding from the Office of National Intake(ONA) to pay bills. Invoices must then be submitted to CNS for reimbursement.

Vaccination offer

You cannot be vaccinated against Covid-19 until you have a Luxembourg national identity number. You will receive this after you have been granted temporary protection. For vaccination, you can go to a pop-up of your choice without an appointment. You can receive other necessary vaccinations at the Maison Medicales.

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