A Ukrainian refugee looks in the wallet


Ukrainian war refugees who have been granted temporary protection will receive the following vouchers from the National Reception Office (ONA) on the day of their registration in the Guichet Unique, which can be redeemed in selected Luxembourg stores (e.g. Auchan & Cactus):

  • 226.27 EUR for food (4 vouchers of 50 EUR each, 1 voucher of 26.27 EUR each),
  • 40.73 EUR for personal hygiene and household products (1 voucher),
  • 113,14 EUR for clothes and shoes (2 vouchers à 56,57 EUR).

The vouchers for clothes and shoes are valid for 6 months, all others only 1 month. The following should be considered when using the vouchers:

  • no exchange, no refund possible,
  • the difference between the purchase amount and the nominal amount of the voucher will not be paid,
  • any amount in excess of this must be paid by the patient,
  • the refugee must identify himself (passport or similar),
  • Vouchers cannot be redeemed at ALDI, LIDL, Delhaize or ACTION.

They receive the vouchers because they do not have a Luxembourg bank account at that time. However, since they open a bank account when they register in the Guichet Unique(package Eboo S, Post Luxembourg), for which the ONA pays the monthly fee, they receive 296 EUR per month by bank transfer in the following months (minors receive slightly less). This amount includes pocket money of 29 EUR. The opening of the account and the delivery of the VPay card takes about 4 weeks. For refugees living in private accommodation, it is important that their name is on the mailbox so that the bank card can be delivered.

The free Eboo S account of the Post Luxembourg is intended only for government grants. Account statements are sent by mail. Online banking is not possible. Once a refugee works, the account becomes chargeable.

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