A Ukrainian refugee goes to class


Ukrainian war refugees who are between 4 and 18 years old have access to education as well as free textbooks. The prerequisite is that they have been granted temporary protection status (BPT).

The school offer is mainly organized by six public international schools:

These schools set up welcome classes in English specifically for Ukrainian students. Later, when their language level matches that of the other students, they can join a regular international class. In exceptional cases, this is also possible directly. Depending on age and learning progress, a second language (German or French) will be taught.

Depending on the need and demand, Ukrainian children can also be taught in community schools. They will attend welcome courses in German or French.

For children of preschool age (3-5 years, cycle 1 of Luxembourg elementary school), parents are offered enrolment in an elementary school in their municipality of residence.

For an orientation interview, the following telephone numbers are available at the Service de scolarisation des enfants étrangers (SECAM) weekdays from 8am-12pm and from 1pm-5pm:

  • English: +352 247 76 570
  • Ukrainian: +352 247 76 976

Further information is available via the following email address: secretariat.secam@men.lu


38, rue Philippe II
L-2340 Luxembourg

Care facilities

In Luxembourg, the following care services are available for BPT:

  • Childminders (0-4 years)
  • Mini crèches (0-12 years)
  • Crèches (0-4 years)
  • Maisons Relais (4-12 years)

In order to register a child in a childcare facility and receive vouchers for out-of-school childcare, it is necessary to apply for a“My Card fir Kanner” at the municipality of residence. An overview of all care facilities can be found here.

Out-of-school care for infants and cycle 1 children is provided by child care providers near the child’s home.

Out-of-school care for primary school children will be provided – as far as possible – by care facilities in or near the schools concerned, which will accept Ukrainian children.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Ministry of Education, Training and Youth. The staff speaks Luxembourgish, English, French, German:

Tel.: 247-95100
E-mail: sea.ukraine@men.lu
Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 8-17h

Higher education

Students from Ukrainian universities can enroll as free listener in Luxembourg by email: ukraine@uni.lu

They can also visit the Language Center of the University of Luxembourg (ULLC). In addition, starting in September, there will be simplified enrollment procedures for refugee students, according to tageblatt.lu.

Language courses

Adult refugees are given the opportunity to attend language courses by the National Reception Office (ONA). For this purpose, the refugees receive a corresponding voucher from the ONA, which is valid for 6 months. Language courses must be provided by high schools, municipalities, an approved association or the Institut National des Langues (INL). The registration fee is 10 EUR per course. Refugees must demonstrate a 70% attendance rate for the discounted registration fee to apply. In addition, free private initiatives exist.

Further information: